Hi, it’s Ahmet (or Amad). I’m a coffee addicted dude who writes and develops softwares and electronics with passion! Into software development since 2004 and still learning. Time-to-time done some electronic projects but more into at like couple of years.

Trying to help to other people such as students or stucked-in-a-code ones but unable to write books (tried it, really not my style) - I have another blog too but whenever I try to write, constantly writing and deleting my sentences :/. But, if you need help, feel free to write me (see contact details below).


For online projects, my favorite is PHP (no need to mention HTML, CSS and others…). Of course I don’t have limits like I only write at these languages..., till now I wrote at too many languages which customers preferred (if they had). But; of course I have favorites :]


email: amadertem [at] gmail [dot] com

discord: amad#7088

I’m not active at social media (I have accounts but just I have you know…)

twitter: @ahmetertem

instagram: @ahmet_ertem